A Small Canyon Gathering

Terribly sorry that we haven’t posted in quite some time, life is crazy! Lauren and her husband Daniel recently got back from an incredible vacation to Switzerland (just wait til you see her pics! *drool*), and my husband Jared and I have been keeping busy with our new Bluetick Coonhound puppy Tucker who we rescued! But don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about our lovely blog followers!

A few months ago we had a small gathering with our closest friends full of food, laughter, music, games, and tasty homemade desserts! We are so thankful to have such genuine, loyal, caring, people in our lives. We are better together, and we couldn’t be more thankful to the Lord for bringing such joy into our lives through these friendships!

Here are some photos from the night in our cozy cottage in Modjeska Canyon!



For anyone that knows me I’m a total DIY-freak! I love the color Indigo and wanted to incorporate it into our table décor somehow, so I ran to Joann’s fabric store, cut a few napkin squares of a luscious indigo cotton fabric, and splattered bleach on the squares. After giving them a quick rinse in the washing machine, and a bounce in the dryer, we had beautiful cloth napkins!


I really wanted a “living” table centerpiece, loaded up with fresh flowers and veggies. After browsing my local Sprouts, I came home with some fat artichokes, mushrooms, and long, soft, purple brush flowers. I found some moss from Michael’s Craft Store to use as filler, and grabbed some mismatched bottles and vases around the house. Lastly, living in the canyon, there’s plants/bushes/trees everywhere…like they’re literally taking over our house (which I love). I went for a quick walk around the cottage and gathered all kinds of greens, berry branches, pinecones, and twigs, to complete the look.

PM-015 PM-021 PM-025 PM-028

Here’s a peek around our living room. The vintage American flag is one of my favorite antiques we’ve collected. We found it folded up in the corner of an antique shop and got it for a steal of $40! It’s definitely been through some wear and tear, I’m sure it holds some incredible stories and secrets. It’s only got 48 stars on it which I think is pretty cool too! I’m an avid thrifter, so almost everything else you see is from various antique or thrift stores. Our coffee table is a child’s wooden toy box, with some tattered Aesop Fables books on top. You can’t see it so well, but the chair on the far right is my favorite sitting spot. It’s a faded yellow velvet parlor chair that had all sorts of rips in it, so we got it for $15! We put a sheepskin on the seat to spruce it up a bit.

I am a strong supporter of homemade goods and crafts, so naturally I had to buy the adorable mountain pillow you see on our couch from Three Bad Seeds! It’s my favorite pillow in our house! I want like a million more, they’re SO cute!


Almost my entire mom’s side of the family is Comanche, so as long as I can remember, we’ve owned and acquired Native/Comanche items here and there. I’m really proud of my heritage, and enjoy collecting Comanche crafts and different goods from various tribes (don’t buy the fake crap from Urban Outfitters, support your local tribal artisans!). Most of it has been accumulated over the years from the powwows we attend every few months. PM-034

One of the hawk feathers in the jar on the left was awarded to my deceased uncle by our tribe, for special services. It’s very dear to me. The other is from one of the turkeys that live down the street haha! PM-035

As you can see we have a ton of geodes all over our house! I have been collecting geodes and gems for a while now, and turn them into living decorative vessels by adding an airplant. They look like little meteorites that have delicate green aliens growing from their glistening caverns. They’re a unique decorative piece for a coffee table or can be used as a bookend, and make the perfect gift for that one friend with the black thumb! Check them out in my Etsy shop here: Mineral&Sage


Lauren and her hubby Daniel…


Lauren is an AMAZING photographer! See more of Lauren’s work here: Lauren Scotti Photographer

PM-043PM-042 PM-057


Let’s eat!



Have a blessed week!

x Hannah